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The house on Watch Hill Way was a spec house built by a well-known local builder.  The home was on the market for almost two years when Beach Stone Interiors was brought in to stage the home to show buyers the potential of the living spaces.  An offer was received within four weeks of completion of the work and was made contingent upon Beach Stone Interiors furnishing the third bedroom that the builder had opted not to do. The new owners then commissioned Beach Stone Interiors to completely outfit the house from bed linens to a vacuum cleaner!  As they live abroad, they have Beach Stone Interiors decorate for holidays including Halloween and Christmas.  They also requested the house be given a warmer, cozier feel for their winter holidays which was easily done by changing pillows, bed linens and throws. The house is still a work in progress with furniture being chosen for the outdoors for the owners' first summer in their new home.

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