Portfolio >> North Skyline Drive

This lovely home is set on the highest point in Chatham with 360 degree views of the surrounding waterways.

The home was completed in 2005 and the current owners asked Beach Stone Interiors to furnish the entire home utilizing a few items from an apartment they had recently sold.

The home is now fully furnished including outdoor furniture and fully equipped kitchen including everything from a corkscrew to table linens.

Below is a testimonial from the homeowners:

"One word sums up the entire design and decorating process that we experienced with Beach Stone Interiors-extraordinary!!  Furnishing and decorating a new home is a daunting task to say the least.  Erica guided us through this enormous undertaking with expertise, dedication, exquisite sense of style, and close attention to detail.  From scheduling and receiving deliveries, to overseeing window treatment installations, to even searching for that perfect accessory.  Erica was 'hands on' and involved in every aspect of the process.  We were in constant communication and her wonderful ideas and designs always reflected the style we wanted to accomplish.  Our once empty house has evolved into a warm and inviting family home that we all love."

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