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The lovely Eastward Company house perched on the hill on Stage Island overlooking the Atlantic was the home chosen by a young family to spend their summers in Chatham.  Being a very active, outdoor loving family they loved the access to the beach as well as the tranquil natural beauty of the island.

They were referred to Beach Stone Interiors by their broker and after meeting and discussing their needs they headed home and let Erica get to work!  The results are comfortable with cool colors making for a relaxing, tranquil getaway.


Below is a testimonial from the homeowners:

What a pleasure it has been to work with Beach Stone Interiors. We counted on Erica to handle everything since we live out-of-state and she went miles beyond meeting our needs. She furnished our home, ordered and installed window coverings, and stocked the bathrooms and kitchen with all of the essentials in record time. She was enthusiastic, professional, efficient, and so easy to work with from beginning to end.  Additionally, she came in on budget and managed to add all of the special touches to make our house a warm and inviting home.  

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