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This home was purchased by a couple from Virginia who decided to invest in real estate in Chatham and create a high end rental property.  Beach Stone Interiors was brought in to transform the home into a beautiful but user friendly home for renters.  The project became a wonderful collaboration between the owners and Erica and the end result was exactly what they had set out to achieve. 


Below is a testimonial from the homeowners:

We had the good fortune to be introduced to Erica by two prominent and highly successful real estate figures in Chatham.  Having bought, renovated and designed several previous homes, we were looking for someone with experience, an elegant hand, vision and a sophisticated sense of style.   We could not have been more fortunate to find Erica.  She worked tirelessly and collaboratively with us on every detail to ensure we created a beautiful, functional and welcoming feel throughout our homes.  It could not have been more enjoyable.  It was a completely successful collaboration, which we have grown to rely on in updating and furnishing our other properties.  We cannot recommend her more highly.  Working with Erica will be a fantastic and delightful experience.

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